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We are proud to announce the achievement made by our Assistant Director, Chelsie Snyder: NCMG!  Chelsie has recently become a Nationally Certified Master Groomer!  Our staff is an incredibly gifted team.  Of only 5 NCMGs in the state of Indiana, we have TWO of them with us!  Needless to say, our ability to train successful professionals with this highly skilled team makes us a real standout in the industry.  Coming to Animal Arts for your career training in this field assures you of the highest levels of expertise recognized by the National Dog Groomers Association of America!

Whether your needs are for professional styling or you are interested in a career as a professional in this field, please give us a call for more information.

Kristie Stewart—NCMG, Director/Groomer

Kristie Stewart (Director/Groomer)

Kristie Stewart (Director/Groomer)

Our Director, Kristie Stewart, is a highly accomplished stylist with many awards and trophies and also competes professionally as well as having a vast number of happily satisfied clients with her high level of grooming expertise. In addition to these achievements, both competing and show grooming, she also has bred, raised and shown Champion Poodles. One of her personal show dogs even goes back to a Westminster Best-In-Show winner. While she is not currently doing any breeding, her reputation among the professionals in the field is well known having recently captured trophies at two of the largest grooming competitions in the country! Krisite has also achieved her Master Groomer Certification in Poodles and is a recognized expert in this breed. In addition to this background, she has also had experience being a Veterinarian Technician and understands critical areas to watch that could represent problems some pet owners may not recognize and assist in helping owners have pet exams done if anything unusual catches her eye. All in all, this experience gives her the ability to teach a completely well rounded format, covering the necessary bases at length to enable students to have more than just the abilities to style the pets they will groom over their career. Students love learning from her due to her down-to-earth warmth and genuine compassion for both students and animals alike which enables her teaching abilities to easily impart the necessary skills to students underaking this rewarding field as a career choice. Whether you wish to consider grooming as a career choice, or simply have a pet that you’d like to have the finest in styling for, Kristie is truly a virtuoso.

Kevin Stewart—Administator

Our Administrator, Kevin Stewart also has a versatile background. Having done show grooming and instructing over a more than 20 year period, his assistance in classes helping students develop handling and control skills is very well thought of by those who’ve worked with him. With a background also as a dog trainer and having also worked as a Veterinarian Technician, Kevin excels at handling and control abilities as well as being a groomer. While now working primarily in the office as our Administrator, his assistance in the classes helps students comprehend the many levels necessary to understand the importance of proper handling and control which allows even difficult dogs to be put at ease, giving the pets a good experience without ever being muzzled, tranquilized or resorting to “strong-arm” tactics, so sadly used in this field by the inexperienced. Controlling with love and compassion are key to an overall healthy environment for the pets and the students going into the field and many students have benefitted greatly by learning from his experience as well. Together with Kristie and her tremendous handling skills, they make a great team and an excellent source of the depth of knowledge in this field, with many resources available for both students and grooming clients alike.

Chelsie Snyder—NCMG, Assistant Director/Groomer
Chelsie began her grooming career in 2008 and is the newest addition to the Animal Arts Academy staff. She does a wonderful job on all the dogs she works on but has a particular fondness for poodles. Chelsea brings a variety of experience and care to every pet she grooms along with being incredibly patient and loving. We are very pleased to have her on our team!

Nancy Stewart—Groomer

Nancy Stewart (Groomer)

Nancy Stewart (Groomer)

A 2010 graduate of Animal Arts Academy, Nancy has a fondness for working with giant breeds especially the northern breeds. Nancy enjoys going to AKC shows and we are glad to have her on our team!